Beware: Income Tax Refund, Lottery Mails etc

In the world of internet, financial transactions are gaining momentum very fast and Internet Banking, Electronic Transfer are common to hear. Earlier there were robbers who used to steal physical money , now they are being replaced by HI-FI Educated Fraudsters who are playing the role of villain.

Internet Financial Scams are fast emerging and earlier it was only there to rob big banks but now fraudsters are aiming common man as well.

Now-a-days a common man is targeted is using FAKE Income Tax Department Web-site where you are asked to reveal personal financial information like your credit card number, CVV number, your passwords etc.

Sometime people also get mails that you won XYZ lottery. “जब टिकेट ही नहीं ख़रीदा तो लोट्टेरी कैसे खुल गयी.”

Please avoid such mails and press delete button. Never ever give any information, you may get robbed. That is how 21st century criminals work.

Check this infographics & learn basics…



  1. It is a very helpful information! Now a days our mail box is flooded with such kind of mails. Some of them are very convincing also. I think we really need to think logically before reacting on any mail.
    You guys are doing a great job!

  2. I read a lot of your articles and you guys are excellent. Just wanted to suggest that if you could make site navigation a bit easier, it would be great!

    • Sorry Amit as we are replying it too late.

      Just after your suggestion we have changed our website to make it more user friendly.

      Hope you like it.

  3. I really had a laugh over this mail with my friend the day we got this 😉

    This is my first year when I actually earne something in my job and filed a tax return… 🙂 and when I have not paid a rupee as tax (I donot fall in the slab) so how come I get a refund.. Great stupid hackers… Beware friends… 🙂

    • Amandeep

      जब टिकेट ही नहीं ख़रीदा तो लोट्टेरी कैसे खुल गयी. 🙂 LOL

  4. Good One. Exactly this is what me & my husband laughed at, ‘जब टिकेट ही नहीं ख़रीदा तो लोट्टेरी कैसे खुल गयी’
    This was in the year 2008 when I first received a mail stating that my email id won 500000 pounds as Google itself chose a few email ids. This was hilarious.

    I hope no one trust such fake mails and lose money out of greed.
    Lakshmi Mata aise hi prasann nahi ho jaati, mehnat se hi phal milta hai !!

  5. Hi Hemanth,
    Really a good work, Now a days our mail box is flooded with such kind of mails.
    But still people go for it if they get such mails or messages, they should understand जब टिकेट ही नहीं ख़रीदा तो लोट्टेरी कैसे खुल गयी’
    Thank you once again for such a nice article……..

  6. recently i also got a mail from my friend’s email id that his wife had had an accident and require around 2 lakh rupees urgently due to emergency operation, and asked me to deposit as much money as i could as help, in his account number given.
    that mail looked genuine and even his designation, office address which he used in his mail were same. luckily i had his number and called to ask if he sent the mail and he was really shocked to hear that.

  7. Another scam running around a missed call from Pakistan +92… or 0092… DO NOT call back lest you may be charged at abnormal rates only to find that you have won a lottery or some other nonsense.

  8. I receive many mails regarding updation of bank account details from the banks where I do not have any account at all. Now, banks give the email addresses on their website to inform them of such fake mails. And to my surprise when I try to forward these fake mails to them, 2 to 3 out of 5 times, the email address given on the bank’s website also doesn’t work.

  9. Hi Hemant
    Sometime back I was told by a driver that he had received a call on his mobile phone informing about a lottery he had won. The caller had asked for his bank account number. I told him to just ignore the message.
    I have been informed many times on phone that I have received bonus on my insurance policy. How can I get such messages when I have not furnished my phone number to any insurance company.

  10. Hai, Hemant,

    I received similar notification last year., i had a guess by noticing linked url//// .gr instead of .com or .in.

    Dear Valued Taxpayer,

    We regret to bring to your notice that your tax refund request was NOT successfully processed. This is due to the submission of incorrect/wrong account particulars.

    However, after the last financial audit,the total tax excesses refundable to you is now 38,910.92 INR. Please follow the reference below to re-submit a refund request and this time, endeavor to input your Information correctly to avoid further delay in the remittance of your tax refunds into your account


    Note: Your request will be processed within TEN (10) working days.

    We appreciate your sparing the time to learn about our tax refunds. It’s one extra way Income tax unit can make your tax payment experience better.

    :G0VT. Of INDIA

    • Hi Subhani,
      These mails really looks as if coming from right source. Lot of people are loosing there hard earned money in such scams. Not sure why anyone is not having solution for this.

  11. Thanx for info…

    But one thing I am not cleared, some of mail asking only Detail like (DOB, address) thats it., what may they use by using this?

    • Hi Khaleel,
      Not sure, I have never replied to such mails.. May be that’s there first step to engage you.

  12. Nice one. I am receiving such winning amounts weekly via e-mail and I would have been Billionaire now, but I didn’t acted up on :(. जब टिकेट ही नहीं ख़रीदा तो लोट्टेरी कैसे खुल गयी’ thought came to my mind always and I stopped acting on it. Why someone want to help me without asking, and that too, giving money? Somebody died rich with pounds in bank which can be transferred to Indian partner & bla..bla..bla… So & So company want to place tower on your house, pay x amount as deposit…in-laws of one of my friends became victim of that.

    I think, root cause is we are greedy. Why we want to make money via such shortcuts?

    Keep posting, such useful stuff, as you always do.

    Regards, Ashvin

    • Thanks Ashvin for sharing this.. You rightly pointed greed and shortcuts are main reasons.

  13. i have won 2 crores 10 times via sms in the past month, nigerian oil sheikh left me 3650000000000000000 nigerian rupees, lord venkatesa gave me 1kg gold by forwarding email to 100 people on akshaya tritiya, I also joined a forex business with no investment but giving 25000 per day. After all these. IT dept gave me 2800 tax refund.

    I don’t know what to do with this much money.

    if you send your email, phone number, address, PAN number, DOB, your bank account number and a cheque for 10,000 i can transfer all these money to you.

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