Financial Literacy is the key to Financial Freedom. Mis-selling is making new peaks every year and for people it`s very tough to identify what is right or what is wrong. With the agents, even manufacturers are trying to milk naive investors. It is really painful to see when a client is mis-sold for penny benefits. And best way to avoid mis-selling is to get armored with Financial Literacy. The Financial Literates is a dream & mission to make Indians Financial Literate.


I entered in Financial Industry as Management Graduate in Finance & worked for 8 years with different organizations before starting my own Financial Planning Firm in 2009.

I believe that Financial Planning is the only way through which people can achieve their Financial Goals. Financial Planning gives you more clarity in life; it provides direction and meaning to your financial decision. It helps you to provide right balance between your present and future lifestyle. Financial Planner is like the Photographer; he is not part of the picture but still contribute to make it look Good. But in Indian context, the term “Financial Planning” & “Financial Planner” has been misused to sell Financial Products. The planning part is completely overlooked and that adds to confusion.

Apart from developing Financial Plans and guiding clients meet their Financial Goals; I keep interest in research & analysis of various financial products. My Articles & Query Section regularly features in various Newspapers. I also got a chance to appear on Doordarshan’s ‘Money Plant Show’ talking about Retirement & Financial Planning.

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