Best Medical Insurance for Parents

If you don’t have Medical insurance for Parents – it can put a big dent in your savings. Medical care cost is the (one of the) biggest problem in US & India may not be different in this. India may be developing as a hub for medical tourism & patients from US/Europe are coming here but days are not far when we would also be forced to travel for medical services to Srilanka or Bangladesh.

Last year finance ministry shared figures of 9.4% increase in medical care cost & we know how good our government is at these calculations. But even if we talk about 10% year on year increase on the cost this will be a whooping number till you retire. Ok time and again I have been cautioning you that health is one of the priorities that needs planning today and hopefully we have time to make appropriations for it.  But what about the people who have already crossed 60 – they need more medical care than you & me.

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Health insurance for parents can be a great gift

Medical Insurance can be an option to avoid holes in your pocket or medical bills making you sick. But even here – there is no good information. The distribution network or agents are having little or partial knowledge. Moment you ask them for a comparison, they go mute or start defending their product. The premiums are on the rise as insurers keep complaining that they are not making money in this segment. On an average the health insurance premiums are increasing steadily between 15 & 25 percent every year and there are limited options available. These limitations make you feel that you are from general category & fighting for a government job.

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Medical insurance for Parents – Infographics

Let’s check importance of health insurance for parents, alternate options to make sure medical bills do not impact their retirement plan, what you should consider before buying health insurance policy – also check comparison of health insurance product & their pricing for senior citizens.

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Hope this helped you to understand importance of Health Insurance in old age & features that you should compare. If you don’t understand the terminologies that are used in above infographics – quickly check Terms commonly used in Health Insurance.

Best Medical Insurance for Parents


Medical Insurance for Parents

Premium of Medical Insurance Policies for Senior Citizens


Health Insurance for Parents

Source: Outlook Money

Health Insurance for senior citizens

  1. K. Hangal, who has more than 200 films to his credit, in a career that spanned nearly five decades, found it difficult to meet his medical expenses when he grew old.“I feel that he never saved money or invested in mediclaim facilities and that’s why he went through a financial crunch,” states Vijay Hangal, son of A. K. Hungal.

Health problems become a major concern as we age. The journey during these years can be very rough, if you have overlooked planning for it. Just look at how medical costs have increased during the past few years.

The graph clearly shows the kind of costs that you may be facing once you are older and have fewer sources of income. You have no option but to make provisions such risks, which have a high probability. Health insurance, thus, becomes the most important need for senior citizens.

But buying medical insurance at this age is not free from problems. There are certain issues which senior citizens have to deal with while considering medical insurance. The primary concern is higher premiums. If you look at the most basic health plans, the premiums increase once you cross a certain age. Sometimes the percent by which your mediclaim increases is greater when you move to the highest insurable age group, i.e. age 55 years and more or 60 plus. This puts even basic health insurance products out of the reach of many elderly people. To resolve this issue, health insurance companies have specific health insurance plans for senior citizens. Such plans have features that are different from basic health plans. Although some of these limit the claim amount, they are still a viable option when compared to relying on money borrowed in haste or dipping into retirement funds.

Here are a few features which you are likely to see in health insurance for senior citizens-

  1. Medical Tests – Considering the health risks associated with advanced age, senior citizens have to mandatorily undergo medical tests when they avail health insurance products.


  1. Entry Age-By definition, any person who is 60 years old and above is categorized as a senior citizen. This classification applies to health insurance too. So, you will be able to consider this product only if you are in this age group.


  1. Co-Payment clause- This is the biggest reason for lower premiums in these products. Most companies levy a co-payment clause where the policyholder has to bear a certain percent of the claim. The amount of the claim to be borne by the policy issuer varies from 10%-30% depending on the illnesses and hospitalization expenses.
  2. Limits on specific illnesses- You may also find limitations imposed by companies on their liability with respect to some specific illness or surgeries in these health plans.
  3. Renewals- With the regulator prescribing life-long renewals, this feature is now common in a majority of health insurance schemes.

There may be a long list of illnesses for which a company has imposed some limitations on the claims you can make. But even after having to share the risks, health insurance is still a very beneficial proposal and should always be your top priority if you have already reached this age group.

Have you gifted medical insurance to you parents? Do you know you can avail tax benefits on the premium you pay towards Medical Insurance for your parents? If you have any question  feel free to add in comments.

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    • Hi Abhi,
      You rightly said – there is difference between actual cost & maximum limit approved by some insurers.
      General Insurance Public Sector Association (GIPSA) is a body of four public sector general insurers-New India Assurance, United India Insurance, National Insurance and Oriental Insurance Company. To contain losses due to ‘inflated’ medical bills charged from the insured, these insurers decided to standarise rates for 42 medical procedures across categories of hospitals for settling cashless claims.
      GIPSA limits are 75-80% of actual cost.

      • Recently there was an advertizement which mentions that Health Insurance
        is being offered by State Bank Of India to its Savings Bank account holders. I
        guess similar Insurances must be available from other banks too. Any idea, how good are these Insurances & how easy/difficult is claim settlements in such Insurances? Any link where I can read details about these Insurances?

  1. Hi Hemant,

    Medical Insurance is a very important matter and you have nicely pointed in detail. But surprised to see that you have not mentioned the name of LIC’s mediclaim policy in your list. I have taken that policy for me and my father combined and it costs be around Rs. 7,500 per year and each of us have 1 lakh sum insurance and company bears 100 % of the amount. If I take the same policy for my father(65 yrs) alone it will cost me around Rs. 6,000. So I think this policy is up there with the best.

    • Manoj,
      LIC does not have a “Mediclaim”Policy. What they have is a health plan which covers listed SURGERIES and daily hospital cash allowances are paid.
      Also it does not pay 100% of amount as mentioned by you, It pays you a fixed amount on surgery irrespective of amount spent by you.
      Please go through the terms and conditions of the policy you have in detail.

  2. Nice comparison – but this is for people in the age bracket of lets say 60 to 70 years or so.

    Are there any options to safeguard grandparents ? That too at a reasonable premium ?

      • I dont get it – separate corpus means ? is it like saving something every month for an emergency if required ? If yes, then whats the best method ? RD in banks ? MF’s ?

  3. Hai Hemant,

    We were waiting for an article on this and my wife are having health insurance policy from Apollo Munich and we were looking for a good and reliable plan for our parents.Hope this will help us.

    Thanks dear 🙂

      • Hi Hemant,

        I was looking to gift a health insurance plan exclusively to my dad who is 64 years old, I visited policy bazaar and they recommended L & T health insurance. What do you suggest of this plan? The premium for 500000 coverage is 16 k + per annum. Is this best in the market? Kindly advice.


  4. I am 31 and have a medical insurance from my organization till i am suferring in the job. but considering i am in private job so that means after my retirement i wont be having any medical insurance.. so can u suggest that should i now start investing in the medical insurance / should enter after some more years.

    And what type of plan i should go with? and can u shed some light on Lic mediclaim policy. as i was thinking to buy for me , my husband and kid.


  5. just wanna know should i go for buying the top-up on what i am being offered from my organization or buying a separate policy all together.

    and which companies and type of insurance should i choose..

    • Hi
      see insurance policy is always better to opt as per your requirement.
      I guess family floater will be a good option for you. Few points to rem
      1- Policy benefits
      2- Compare your requirement 1st with others players
      3- see the claim settlement ratio & compare with other players
      4- Network hospital nearby your area
      5- is it cashless or deductible in nature
      6-what is pre & post benefits
      7- what will be the waiting period for [pre disease]
      8- premium charges will be inflated year on year or in sum period till the date
      9- Rem OPD [ consultancy] will be not covered in the policy
      10-If you have a company policy, it will be advisable to see what else is required to have a better option too.
      My recommendation would be

      1- Max Bupa
      2- L&T
      3- Agon

  6. The details of Health Insurance plans are nicely compiled and graphics are adding to clarity. Awareness about Health Insurance plans available for Senior Citizens needs to be increased and the younger generation should treat this is as their moral and social responsibility.

  7. Thanks Hemant for this wonderful article. Yesterday i was just thinking in this direction and u came up with this…
    1 doubt came at the end.. “Have you gifted medical insurance to you parents? Do you know you can avail tax benefits on the premium you pay towards Medical Insurance for your parents? If you have any question feel free to add in comments.”
    The question is what steps/ documentation required to be taken care while getting tax benefit for insurance premium paid for parents?
    also, can u please guide me for best Term plans available for parents( more than 55 years age) ?? or can u cover and article on the same??

    Vrushank Shah

    • Hi Vrushank,
      Just make sure you make payment of medical insurance policy from your SB A/c – this will help you in taking tax benefit.
      Don’t buy term plan in name of your parents………

      • HI Hemant..

        Thanks for your prompt reply..
        Can u please clarify why the term plan for parents not advisable as per you??
        There is only little cover( around 4-5 lac) currently for my parents and i want them to increase the insurance coverage either as i buy for them or they buy for themselves… i know the premium amount may be very high but its worth to increase cover at this time of life than any other age…Better late than never…..
        please advise…..

        Vrushank Shah

        • You should buy term insurance only if you have people dependent on you. That’s why he advised against it.
          Right Hemant?

  8. Hi Hemant,

    Really a very good post. I was keenly trying to find a good medical insurance policy for my parents who are in the age bracket of 64 & 70 years respectively. Would be glad if u could help me out in deciding the policy to be taken, given their age into consideration.

  9. Hemantji,
    You are doing an yeoman service in this field.
    I have heard that United India is the only company which covers for over 75 years i.e until death, all others have some kind of fine print involved.
    Also shed some light on “Family-Floater Type” so that one can save on cost of this cover.
    Also if you could do an article on Broad outline of Procedure for making the Claim as different companies follow different procedures.
    Recently we had a death in the family & the medical Insurance cover was for Rs 5L. The hospital made a bill of 4,98,882 for total 5 days of stay in ICCU? Are we Indians born- cheats or what?

  10. great post Hemant sir,
    I am currently looking for overseas mediclaim for my parents(Age 62) who are traveling to USA this month.
    Any thing special to consider when buying overseas Mediclaim? Can you please suggest good options to consider.
    Thank you

  11. Dear Hemantbhai,

    thank you, as usual your post are always full of information, i would like to know medical reimbursement system for family pensioner. ( Gujarat State ) if you konw or from where i can get such information.

  12. I have always liked your write ups & this one too is excellent on the care needed for senior citizens,presently my parents are father 80 years ; mother 76 years who are hail & healthy can you suggest a medical policy for them for at least 3 lakhs each & the cost .
    Eagerly awaiting your reply.
    udayan. sabnis

    • Hi Udayan,
      Its tough to get polices at this age but you can try your luck with National insurance companies or ICICI Lombard & Max Bupa.

  13. Hi Hemant,

    Nice article. This is really helpful.

    One question about premium mentioned in the above chart is that premium is for both mother and father or for any single person ?


  14. Hi Hemant,

    I have one personal mediclaim policy with Oriental (HAPPY FAMILY FLOATER POLICY) where i am considered as primary and my parents are also covered in it. I have never claimed through this policy but find it little surprising to consider me for premium. The cost of handling parents expenditure will always high . Do You think this is right or there could any other factors?


      • Dear Hemant,

        Can you please help me to understand why it is better to have separate policies for parents? Whether you mean two separate policies for father and mother? Can you please help me?

    • Hi Ravi,
      I think it can become the base of your research & according to your specific requirement you can take the policy.

  15. Hi Hemant,

    I am 31 year old unmarried, I do have health ins. provided by my employer. but still i want to get on my own. Should i get health Insurance worth 2 or 3 lakh after getting married(may be in 1 year) so that myself and wife is covered along with adding one more option for 1 kid.
    My father is 65 year old, lives in Bijapur(North Karnataka) tier 3 city i guess.
    I want to buy health insurance for him worth 2 or 3 lakh.
    kindly advise which one suits best considering hospital network, good claim record and competitive premium.

    • Hi satish,

      For yourself you should buy a health insurance policy now also. Most companies have feature of adding family members in the same policy.
      For your parents Senior Citizen Plans are the only option.However if they have not reached 66, product like Easy Health From Apollo Munich will cover them.

  16. Hi,

    Once again nice informative article.

    We are 3 people, myself (44) and my parents (68 & 63). Neither of us have health insurance at present, there are no serious health issues either.

    Can you please advise which is best plan to go for ? Will it be cheaper to go for a single policy covering all three of us. I did try to understand health insurance, but it seems complicated . Floaters, Critical illness cover, Riders all these goes above the head as I am just an average middle class person.

    Thanks in advance


    • Hi Vikas,

      You should go for seperate policies for your parents. Individual policies might be costlier so you can purchase a floater policy for them. The reason for this is that the premiums are high when age is more and are calculated on highest age of the group. So a single policy will not be benficial for you as premium wil increase with increase in age of your parents.
      For yourself you should go for an individual policy.You can consider Apollo Munich or Max Bhupa.

  17. Dear Hemant

    I have just finished reading the article.It was quite informative.Thanks for same.

    I would like to ask that what would happen if the insurance providing company goes bankrupt or it stop its services? Will customer’s Policy get transfer to another Insurer or or else get lapsed? I am 27 years old & planning to get a Medical insurance policy for self as well as for my parents. What would you suggest if we don’t have any critical illness history or symptoms in our family?
    I had asked Insurance companies but they don’t clarify.

    Eagerly awaiting for your reply.

    Thank you again & keep these good articles coming.


  18. Hi Hemant,
    There is a list of tests which needs to be conducted before the medical insurance policy is offered . Based on the results, I found most insurance companies including Oriental Insurance, National Insurance, etc. in not want to take up the risk . Thus they don’t offer the medical insurance at all.

    • Hi Rakesh,

      Health Insurance companies do have specific list where they do not provide insurance coverage. Fo re.g. many companies do not give policies to diabetic patients at all.

  19. Your post is very detailed and informative. and surely an eye-opener for those who have not yet opted for a medical cover for their parents- given the rate of medical inflation and the alarming rate at which lifestyle diseases are on the rise added to the fact that there is a special provision under section 80 D to invest upto Rs. 20,000/- for parents and save tax.

  20. My parents age is around 45-46.. They do not have any serious illness till now… could you please suggest a medical plan for them

  21. Dear Hemant,

    Thanks for the article.

    Is it possible that you can suggest a Policy/Insurance Company for insuring (Health) myself. I get calls from agents when I post a query but no one is able to Insure (Health) as soon as I tell them that I had Bypass Surgery in 1996 & a stroke in 2006 & am taking insulin (60 Units) for Diabetes control. Many Insurance Policies mention pre-existing diseases are covered after 2-4 years but agents are unable to offer me a policy. Why?

    Thanking you. Best regards, RAKESH (DOB 6-1-1951, E-mail rkj95)

    • Hi Rakesh,

      Although pre-existing disease are covered after 2-4 years in a health policy, there is a risk element which company judges before including such illnesses. At higher age the probability of illness is more and so company perceive it to be on a higher risk when they are issuing health policies to this age group.Due to same reason the premiums are high.

      The resistance from agents/companies is due to higher age and your existing illnesses along with the previous ones you have faced.

      • Hi Vikas

        So what option does a person have if he wants a health insurance and has Pre Existing.. I enquired with all the Insurance companies ( Apollo munich, max bupa, star health, religare etc) to find a policy with pre-existing condition but all of them refuse to insure my father(58 yrs) who is diabetic and has RA..
        I believe the only option is to build medical corpus for the worst case.. I really feel that there should be some government policy in providing healthcare assistance for the senior citizens.. otherwise these suckers just want premium from us till the time we are healthy and will not cover us once we are old and have some illness..

        • Well said vikas…these are real suckers and no return…only a fear of health makes a person to invest in these stupid companies for easy medical health care…but it is very difficult to deal at their assigned hospitals as well…suckers and suckers and suckers…

  22. Dear Hemnat,

    I’m looking for Insurance which will cover 100% of the amount i.e hospitalization and Post-hospitalization as well for my parents who are almost 60.
    One of them had a surgery last year and other one is taking thyroid medication.

    Please suggest any suitable insure.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hello Rahul,

      If their health is fine, and there is no medical history, try Apollo Munich, Max Bupa or Religare Care. These are open-ended and top-ended products where premiums are high. If you are looking for a balanced product look for Oriental Happy Family Floater.

      Ensure you also catch hold of an experienced adviser who can handle and advice on your claims.

      Mahavir Chopra


  23. first time i am going to buy health insurance pls suggest best out of all policy. i want to buy individual policy for me ,wife ,son, daughter prem (5+5+3+3)lac each, where policy give maximum protection & facility.

  24. Hi,

    Its very detailed post and lot of good informationis posted here.

    If you allow, can I recommend other senior citizen policies available here.?

    • Hi Sumit,

      It will be beneficial for all the readers if you provide reviews of any such plans.

  25. Hi,

    Could you suggest me some good health insurance which covers me and and my parents? I am 28 yrs old and my parents are in 50-59. My mother has suffered from cancer which was treated successfully 10 yrs ago.

    Please advise.

    • Puneet,

      For you any good health insurance scheme will be beneficial since you are at a very young age. You need to consider features which you may need in the future. Apollo, Max Bhupa, Religare Health are companies which you can consider.
      For your parents you will have to look at seperate policies since your mother has undergone a cancer treatment. Companies may have certain restrictions or change in premium based on their underwriting for her. You can consider the above mentioned companies for your parents too.

  26. Hi Hement,
    First, I would like to appreciate your work.
    Any senior citizen (Age-62) had passing with some critical illnesses then he can buy any medical insurance, if yes then suggest please.

    Thanks in advance.

    Best Regards,

    • Sachin,

      At higher age if you suffer from any critical illnesses then chances of availing medical insurance reduces. Even if any company approves so there might be many conditions attached. Also the existing illness might be covered after a waiting period or may not be covered at all. This depend son the underwriting of insurance company.

      In my view you should look at creating a health fund. You can also put forward the insurance proposal with any company and get to know the probability.

  27. Hi Hemant,

    Nice post, congratulation.

    Would you please guide to finalize insurance company for my parents. My father’s age is 65 and my mother’s age is 63. My father don’t have any existing illness where as my mother is having thyroid, taking medicine for BP and 2 years back she had undergone for knee replacement. Although my brother having corporate policy under which both of them are covered but still I want to take extra cover.

    I am looking out for insurance company which will take medical test and on that basis issue policy, as my mother is having pre existing illness so I am afraid that insurance company will reject her application so is there any option to totally exclude some diseases? as those are already covered in my brother’s corporate plan.

    please suggest policy which is having lifetime validity, no or minimum co-payment, no sub or upper caps, minimum waiting period for pre-existing illness, I can go for individual policy of 3-4 lac. I am also fine with psu’s if they are covering my requirement.

    I dont want to go with Religare as i had very bad experience with them.


    • Viv,

      Both your parents are at higher age. After 65 most policies issued are co-payment policies where it ranges from 15-30%. But there are few companies where general health insurance is available at age 65. Apollo Easy Health is one such product. You can consider it for your father.
      For your mother due to her illness health insurance companies may have restrictions. Apollo has a very strong underwriting so may be difficult. You can check with other companies such as max bhupa or any PSU if they will cover your mother.
      No you yourself cannot exclude any illness and get coverage. It depends on health insurance company which after underwriting decides what to include and what to exclude.

  28. Hi, I am looking for a family health insurance.
    4 peolpe
    Age 34+35+7+2
    Please suggest which company.

    • abhi,

      You can consider Apollo Munich, Max Bhupa or Religare health. Avail which best matches your requirement.

  29. Hi Hemant,

    I want a medical insurance policy for my parents aged 54 and 64. I compared several health insurance policies and found out that ICICI Lombard was better than the rest considering they cover existing illness after 2 yrs and have no sub-limit, though the premium is a little high.

    Your thoughts on this. Do you suggest any other policy?


    • Pallavi,

      The company is fine. If the product is matching your requirement you can go ahead with it.

  30. sir, my dad is 67 years old & my mother is 55 year old & both are diabetic & hypertensive. kindly suggest, is there a single policy to cover both or do i need to buy seperately & also suggest a policy.

    • manjunath,

      both daibetic and hypertensive are now covered by companies. But your father age is high and there you will get a policy with co-payment features. Also, the premium will be too high which you will have to consider while buying the policy.
      For your mother you can avail a general health insurance plan which are available till age 65. Apollo Munich Easy Health or Max Bhupa will be a good choice. If you have any specific requirement you can search around.

      It will be advisable to buy seperate policies for both your parents.

  31. Hi Sir,
    I want to buy a medical imsurance policy for my parents, my father is at age of 60 and my mother is at age of 55, which health policy do you suggest which gives them maximum coverage. Also please let me know if I take a medical insurance policy, does the company pay 100% of medical expenses like hospital charges, doctor consultation fees, etc.

    • Propdeepto,

      At both your parents age you can avail general health policy where there are no co-payment clauses. Companies which give full claim on the expenses you have mentioned are those which have no sublimits. Apollo Munich, Max Bhupa, ICICI Lombard are companies where there is no sublimts. You can compare their products and see which best matches your requirement.

  32. I am looking for an Medical Insurance / Mediclaim Policyfor myself. I had bypass surgery in 1996 & a stroke in 2006. I also suffer from diabetes. My BP, Diabetes are under control with the help of medicines & insulin. My DOB is 6-1-1951.

    Though I understand that with such conditions, it may be difficult to get Medical Insurance/Mediclaim Policy, kindly suggest who to contact if any company may offer me an insurance to cover part or full medical expenses if I am hospitalized?

    Best regars, RAKESH

    • Rakes Kumar Jain,

      Yes with these illnesses and treatment you have gone in past it will be a big deterrant for insurance companies to offer you nay policy. Private companies have more strong underwriting. You can check with PSUs like National, Oriental or United India.

  33. Hi Hemant,

    Nice Post. Thanks for this.

    My parents are aged 58 & 46. M looking for policies for them that will cover all Domicilary & Hospitalisation expenses at a reasonable premium. I myself have a policy offered by company. The premium for adding parents to that policy is bit on the higher side (around 30K for both combined for 1L insured). Any suggestion pls?

    • Jitesh,

      The premiums increases with age and so at your parents age the premiums will be higher.However, premiums also varies with respect to features available i.e. companies with no sublimits have a higher premium rates then companies with sublimits.

      You can consider Apollo Munich, Max Bhupa for your parents. If premiums are a constraint then you can look at any PSU. But do remember that claim in these companies will be restricted within the sublimits they have.

  34. Hi Hemant,

    Nice Post. Thanks for this.

    My parents are aged 58 & 46. M looking for policies for them that will cover all Domicilary & Hospitalisation expenses at a reasonable premium. I myself have a policy offered by company. The premium for adding parents to that policy is bit on the higher side (around 30K for both combined for 1L insured). Any suggestion pls?

    Thanks in Advance,

  35. Hi Friends,

    My Parents are aged 54 & 61. For them I am looking for coverage of min 3 Lkh and max 5 Lkh. In my company premium for adding parents to my policy is very high. For 3 Lkh its 22K and for 5Lkh its 27K.
    Can you please suggest any policies which will either cover both of them together or as an individual for my father (since he is 60+) any best policy with reasonable premium for expected coverage?

    Thank You.

    • Dear Sushil,
      One of the available mediclaim policies is Star Health Sr. Citizen Red Carpet Policy. I have taken a medical insurance for my parents each costing 14494/- per year. The Med-insurance amount is 3Lakhs.

  36. Hello Hemant
    Me and my wife were covered under a family floater health insurence policy for the last 8 years. When I crossed 60 years of age my premium was increased. Now when my wife crossed 60 they have shited us from floater to idividual scheme. This means that my premium has become double which I can not afford to pay after the retirment. Do you think it is ok? Can you sugest something so that we can keep ourselves secured?

    • V Patterson,

      The premiums are surely high at higher age. But i am not convinced why you have been shifted to individual schemes instead of continuing with the floater policy. This you need to check with the company.
      Alternatively, buying any new policy at this age may be costly as you will again go for waiting periods for quite few illnesses including existing ones. You can consider reducing your sum assured in the policy and simultaneously plan to create a health fund from your savings.

  37. hi
    i wish to avail a health insurace policy for my parents,my dad is having diabetis


    • Rajeswari,

      Most PSUs such as National, Oriental cover diabities with additional premium. You can avail it for your father. For your mother you can consider Apollo Munich, Max Bhupa or Religare Health.

  38. Dear sir,

    My father is of 61 & mother of 58. Please guide best suited policy. As rsd carpet refund claim after deducting 25% of total clajm.please highlight on this.

    • Jagdish,

      The deduction is with respect to co-payment clauses or in sublimits. The feature you are mentioning should be the co-payment clause where a certain % of your claim the policyholder has to bear. This clause is generally put in senior citizen policies. But yor parents are at age where you can get a general health policy since they cover upto age 65. Apollo Munich Easy Health is one which gives coverage upto 65 and do not have any such clause. However, the premium may be on higher side.

  39. please tell me the bast medicalim plan for my father and mother .
    my father is heart patient.
    please also suggest the plan in which we also get covered.

    • Kashish,

      It will be difficult to avail general health plan for your father considering he is a heart patient. However, star health has launched a specific policy for heart patients Star Health Cardiac Care few month back. You can look at this product for your father.

  40. D/sir
    I am 55yr & my wife is 50yr. i want to buy a mediclaim policy of max. rs 5Lac. kindly suggest me of low premium .I have no disease except slite mantained BP.

    • Jai Prakash,

      Premiums in health insurance policies increase with increase in age and so at your age you may see a higher rates. However, even there the premiums vary between companies which have sublimit and which have no sublimits. You can check with PSU insurers or private companies like Star Health where you will find premiums at lower side.

    • Francis,

      You can check with Apollo Munich, Max Bhupa or Religare health. Compare the features of these policies and avail which best matches your requirement.

  41. Hi Sir,
    I am looking health insurance policy for my parents one is 65 and other is 45 years old so which policy i should go with.

    • Ritesh,

      At age 65 there are many considerations by insurance companies since probability of illnesses are higher. Due to this most policies issued at higher age are co-payment policies. For your parent at age 65, you will have to consider these policies. Almost all companies have these. You can check with Apollo Munich, Max Bhupa or Religare Health.

      For parent age 45 general health insurance policies are good. From the same companies mentioned above you can look at health policy.

  42. Hi All,
    I want to buy a policy for my parents details.
    father 54 yrs old
    mother 48 yrs old
    My father is having High Bp, once he suffered with heart attack.
    Mother’s no medical history. Policy sum should be 3-5 Lakhs.

    Please suggest me policies which covers fathers diseases and upcoming knee replacement.

    • Shankar,

      Health insurance companies do perceive any existing illness as higher risk. Bp gets covered in most companies but if policyholder has suffered from a critical illness like heart attack then its difficult. You can check with Apollo or Max Bhupa for the coverage. If there are any issues check with any pSU like National or Oriental.

      For your mother you can consider Apollo or Max Bhupa.

  43. Hello i am from raigarh chhattisgarh. i want a good health insurance plans for my parents which should be valid at all hospitals during treatment. please suggest. ..

    • Ujjawal,

      You can consider Apollo Munich if both age is below 65. Else you can look at Max Bhupa or Religare.

  44. Give me the right solution for parents health policies. Father has high diabetes. mother has back bone and knee problem. Both are 56 and 50 respectively…

    • Sanjeet,

      Diabetic patient are covered by many insurance companies with additional premium. You can check with some PSU insurer for getting a cover for your father. There is also a specific policy for diabetes from star health.

      For your mother you may face difficulty due to her back bone problem. To what extent you can cover your mother existing illness, you will come to know during underwriting. But in general existing illnesses are covered after waiting period of 4 years. You can check with insurance companies like Apollo, Max bhupa or even PSU companies for getting a health cover for your mother.

  45. Hi,
    I want to buy a policy for my parents.
    father is 60 yrs old.
    my father wants to undergo cataract surgery for one eye.
    please suggest me policy which covers the cataract surgery.

    • Sreekanth,

      In geneeral a cataract surgery is covered by health insurance companies after a waiting period of 2 years. You cannot buy a policy and claim for the surgery amount. So if your father has to undergo this surgery immediately you will have to rely on your own funds.

  46. Hi

    My father age is 65 years. He is kidney patient.
    Medicine expenses per month : ~ Rs. 4000/-
    Every month he has to go to hospital and bring medicines but no need to admit into hospital.
    Is there any policy which covers for his medicines every month?
    Kindly suggest.



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