Special Need Children Financial Planning Book – Review

I have worked with Special Needs Children Families so I know how tough its to plan life & finance in such situations.  Jitendra Solanki has written an awesome book “Financial Planning for families having children with special needs”. As Jitendra runs a niche Financial Planning practice PlanSpecialNeeds.com for these families – he is able to share practical aspects.

This is the first book published on this subject in India. I request you to share my review or book with such families that you know & if possible also on social media. (you can also consider gifting this)

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Special Needs Children  Families

Special Need Children Financial Planning Book
When we speak about families with special needs dependent then few of us would actually know what goes in there. In tradition planning children Education, Marriage, retirement, A Car, a house are goals around which the life revolves.

We plan to ensure that we provide the best education to our children. We know that once children are well settled in their life we will be free from their responsibilities. So our planning then focuses on ourselves i.e. golden years of our life.

But when there is a special needs child the situation is completely different. These goals are there but the lifelong care of a special needs child is a responsibility which goes beyond parents lifetime.

Put simply the concern is for 2 generations till our lifetime.

In India Situation is even worse

In India, we have not progressed well for benefit of special needs dependent families. Due to this, there is lack of resources which force families to avoid planning. There are not even trained advisers who understand the life of a family with special needs dependents.

In such situation families find it difficult to plan because they do not know what to plan & where to start.

Special Needs Children Financial Planning Book

This book “Financial Planning for families having children with special needs” actually answers the above 2 questions. Written by Jitendra P.S.Solanki, who is a financial planning expert advising special needs children families, the book presents a holistic approach to plan for 2 generations.

You can know more about the author here – Plan Special Needs Team (Jitendra’s wife Dr Shweta is occupational therapist for special needs children families so I think that experience is reflected in this book)

The book is an excellent resource for special needs children families. Written in a simple and understandable language a glance at the index only will generate interest in you to read it through.

The first few chapters of the book are actually for all of us. Written with the aim to raise awareness on the issues surrounding a special needs dependent family, the book gives a good picture of our country approach towards such families.

It goes through describing the challenges faced by families and what changes should be bought to uplift their living.

The book illustrates beautifully the emotions parents goes through right from the news of a special needs child arrives to the child lifetime.

What are the different stages of a special needs child life which brings a concern to families and how to address them is what the has been described excellently in the book.

The author being a financial planning expert has done an excellent work in illustrating step by step process of planning for the child lifetime care and other family members.

The chapters dealing with estate planning issues like Will, Trust, Guardianship etc. are explanatory and answers many questions which are hovering around the families.

What makes the book interesting is the charts, tools and tables which makes it quite easy for a family to grasp the guidance. The chart below is an example of how the book becomes easy to understand when you read these charts:

Special need Child Life Stages

The author has done a commendable work by bringing in the book real-life examples of families be it on emotional or financial aspects.

At the end, the book provides a list of resources for families which are instrumental in guiding them appropriately.

What I liked the most in the book is guidance through tips in the chapters and stepwise explanation of planning for the child future.

This is not a book but a complete guide for the families with special needs dependents. They can certainly look upon it as a support where they can seek the answer to one question – Where to start?

I read a review of this book on Amazon – shows what kind of pain these families go through..

Special Needs Children Book

I will request you to share this book with as many people as possible so that this can reach people who actually require this & help Special Needs Children families to plan for 2 generations. 

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