Incomplete Details – Even Then, File your Income Tax Returns

Have you filed your Income Tax Returns?

If not, you should file your taxes before the due date to avoid late fees (Rs 5,000 to Rs 10,000).

Do you have some confusion over the filing of IT returns and are avoiding to file the returns? That may not be very smart.

Incomplete Details - Even Then, File your Income Tax Returns

Common misconceptions – Income Tax Filing

I do not have all the details regarding my tax returns 

Some people are confused about the form to fill, the income details that have to be entered or some other information. There are a lot of tax experts – online and offline who can help you with this. Your financial advisor should be equipped to handle your queries too or at least guide you to the right person.

But even if you are still not clear, go ahead and submit the form. You can always request a rectification or file a revised return when you realise there has been a genuine mistake.

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I do not fall in the income tax bracket and so I am saved from filing IT returns

If you are a person who

  • earns at least Rs. 2,50,000 per annum
  • wants to claim income tax refund
  • wants to carry forward capital loss
  • wants to apply for loan or a visa/ work permit

then you are responsible for filing your IT returns before the due date.

I have already paid taxes and so my work is done

This is the biggest misconception people have. If you have paid taxes in the form of the employer deducting tax, banks deducting TDS etc., it means you have paid tax but that has to be recorded with the IT department in the form of the completed and verified IT return. You have to file your IT returns irrespective of whether you have paid all tax, are not liable for any tax or have paid excess tax.

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It is important to file your tax returns for the following reasons –

You will be liable to pay a penalty if you do not file your IT returns.

If you do file returns after the due date and realise that you have to pay tax, you will have to pay interest on the tax as well as a penalty for late payment. This is an unnecessary expense.

You will have some time frame to revise your tax returns. If you file it late, it is difficult to revise the returns.

In many cases, IT returns documents are required while applying for a loan, applying for a visa/work permit and for registering property (land, house).

You can file your returns with the help of an online or offline tax expert or your financial advisor. Alternatively, you can go to the Income Tax Website and file it on your own.

Even if it is late, incomplete, mistake-prone or you have less income

  • Better Incomplete Filing Than No Filing
  • Less Income does not mean No Filing
  • Better to file with mistakes than No Filing
  • Better Late Than Never

I have kept this post short because this was just a reminder to everyone who are still not sure about filing. If you have any questions related to Income tax filling – add in the comment section.


  1. I used to file returns when I was earning some income before 2010. However, from 2010 to date, I have no income source as I am a dedicated housewife.

    In such a situation is filing of returns compulsory for me.

    Further, I have received a notice under section 148 wherein they have stated that ” whereas I have reason to believe that your income chargeable to tax for the assessment year 2011-12 has escaped assessment within the meaning of section 147 of the income tax act,1961.

    They have asked me to file the return within 30 days for the said assessment year.

    My concern is since I have no source of income I have not filed my returns so if I have to file the returns then how I have to file it and which form is to be used. Kindly guide, please.

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